58 Tour Eiffel

Are you visiting Paris? Or are you a Parisian wanting to gain a deeper knowledge of this great old ‘Iron Lady’? Then you must go to Eiffel Tower 58! On the first floor of the tower, the sophisticated food and a high-raised panorama will offer you a completely unique experience. The restaurant can offer two distinct atmospheres, one at lunchtime, and another for dinner.

At midday, the little dishes served on pretty plates provide a sort of picnic at the heart of the Eiffel Tower. Quality dishes, attentive staff and an accessible menu are perfect for a business or family lunch.

In the evening, the Eiffel Tower 58 puts on its nightlights and gives you a truly elegant experience, in total privacy. The finest products and magnificent flavours reveal themselves over the course of the evening. In a contemporary setting, tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking view over the city of Lumière it feels like a real-life dream… you will leave this place with star struck eyes.